Back Vitalizer™

Back Vitalizer™

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Multi-function air pillow works as a lumbar support, an exercise ball, a posture positioning wedge, a balance trainer, a lumbar decompressor and more.

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A 16" x 12" multi-functional air pillow, the Back Vitalizer™ offers multiple ways to relieve back pain and is perfect for people who sit for long periods:

  • When laid upon, it bridges the lumbar spine for decompression of the discs
  • Placed on a chair behind the back, it functions as a lumbar support
  • When sat upon, it functions similar to an exercise ball, activating the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine for core stability

Back Vitalizer

The next day, my instinct was verified when I used the device after sitting in a course for more then 8 hours. Not accustomed to sitting for such long periods of time, my back was stiff and achy. I tried the Back Vitalizer -- 15 minutes sitting on the device and 15 minutes using the device as a lumbar support. I repeated this process several times during the day, and when I woke the next morning, I didn't feel a trace of stiffness in my back. During therapy, I use the device to increase proprioception, improve balance and alleviate pain. In just several months, the Back Vitalizer has become an integral part of my treatment plan for back pain and stiffness, and weak core muscles.

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Additional features for personalization and comfort include:

  • Two sides: automobile grade polyurethane leather and 3D air circulation fabric, both of which are durable and easily washable
  • New and improved air valve system that provides easily adjustable inflation for total control of the level of exercise and support
  • Ability to fasten to chair back horizontally or vertically with the adjustable chair strap